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Flash Forward

I still can’t figure out why they canceled this show. Everything about it was great: the intrigue, the plot, story, acting… Everything is top-notch. That, and John Cho does some of the best acting we’ve seen. He’s definitely come a

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Movie of the Week: Shanghai Calling

Amazon: $9.99 buy/$3.99 rent iTunes: HD $12.99 buy/$4.99 rent SD $9.99 buy/$3.99 rent Well, this is refreshing… Shanghai Calling has a lot of what we’d like to see more of in future feature films. Kudos to Starz Media for putting

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Movie of the Week: Hang Loose

It’s hilarious, it’s five bucks, and you get to see Rufio in some wild-ass predicaments. Check it out! From the website: Kevin must go to Hawaii to attend the wedding of his big sister. The day before the wedding he

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Myx TV

Here’s a YouTube channel that embodies the kind of change we are working to facilitate. Myx TV is a peek into the future of entertainment because it produces the content that audiences actually want to see. From their YouTube Channel: Myx TV

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