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Strength in NUMBERS: Asian American urban music project

Now THIS is a music project for real Americans. CHOPS, formerly of the Mountain Brothers, is looking to share the fruits of his success by expandanding the reach of established and aspiring Asian American and international urban music artists. Strength

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Koo Chung still has some great music in him

It’s been seven years since Koo Chung has put out any new music. In the years since, he’s been through a lot: some joy, some pain, and everything else in between. In any case, whatever life has thrown his way

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24 hours left to fund Linsanity the Movie

Quick, get your wallets out now. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. There’s only 24 hours left to help fund the documentary Linsanity: The Movie. Luckily, they’ve exceeded their $117,000 goal, but by further funding it,

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