Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 8 “Made to Suffer”

On the AfterBuzz TV Walking Dead PodcastVincent Ward, who played Oscar, was a guest. He was asked about when he found about his character being killed off. He semi-joked that when he saw that Tyreese’s character was going to make an appearance, he knew that his own character Oscar was doomed. A listener wrote in to say that there must be a limit of only one black man allowed in the principal cast.

With Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and David Morrissey as The Governor, it is worth noting that The Walking Dead is among many shows and movies whose producers prefer to have white English men who require dialect coaches to speak with American accents, rather than actual Americans of any color in leading roles. So in addition to the fact that the main characters’ wives presume them to be dead and subsequently take comfort in their best friend’s beds, The Walking Dead and Homeland also have English men speaking with American accents in common.

Bur enough of that. This is VotePOSITIVE, so let’s shift our focus to the real highlight’s of this week’s episode:

We see Glenn improvise a shiv out of a walker’s bones, which he later uses to stab one of his captors right in the neck.


And we see Michonne stab The Governor in the eye with a piece of broken glass:


It was a glorious battle in Woodbury.

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