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If you had $5 to spend, to whom would you rather give it?

If you had an extra $5 to spend, to whom would you rather give it: a.) the cabal of greedy racist fuckers who control Hollywood, who have a penchant for whitewashing Asian characters, and who only cast Asian actors for

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Walking Dead – Okay okay, Glenn is a badass!

Two weeks ago, I suggested that The Walking Dead‘s Hershel was a little hasty to accept Glenn as a potential son-in-law. I felt that we hadn’t had enough screen time with Glenn to see him display the manliness deserving of Hershel’s

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Walking Dead: Judge Jury Executioner – Hasty Hershel?

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Hershel says to Glenn, “No man is good enough for your little girl… until one is.” A moment later, he bestows upon Glenn an old pocket watch that has been in the

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Scandal: Could be the best network show of the decade First show in 30 years to feature a strong African-American female lead. I wonder how hard it was for Shonda Rhimes to keep the studio suits from trying to whitewash Kerry Washington’s character, which is based on a

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